Fantasy Media is a team of creative services base designers and developers company.

Our systems and technical infrastructure provides Consultancy, system Design, Project Management and Planning, Equipment sourcing and performance testing, integration and software configuration, on-site installation, acceptance testing, work flow technical documentation, training & commissioning for broadcast channels, either to integrate new channels or upgrade the existing channels.

Our experienced and well trained engineers with an in-depth knowledge of broadcast market enables us to provide the best in system design, Production Facilities, storage solutions, Integration, Installation, Testing, commissioning & final delivery to our clients.

We offer wide range of technical services, which includes.

  • New TV channel setup.
  • Broadcasting Equipment.
  • Payout Software.
  • Traffic control & Scheduling S/W
  • TV channel Servers (New / rental also maintenance)
  • Editing Machine (New / Rental)
  • All types of Hardware and software for Media Industries