Fantasy Media is a team of creative services base designers and developers company.

At Fantasy Media our team of engineering experts has a proven track record in assessing, mending, cleaning and digitizing all formats of linear film, analogue and digital media and archive stills. This process is carried out in carefully controlled conditions using fastidiously maintained legacy replay machines combined with the highest quality digital recording systems that current technology can offer.

This last point is of primary concern to our Archive clients who may only have one opportunity to digitize content that has deteriorated over time. Keeping this and the inevitable future demands for enhanced quality consumer media in mind, we have opted to install a scanner at our facility – capable of ingesting up to 2k resolution.

Once digitized, many clients opt to commission further Picture Restoration and/or Sound restoration services from us to prepare the title for onward sale. Whilst digitized assets are more easily distributed and consumed, one must also take account of the effects that evolving technology has on their continued commercial exploitation. New file formats, electronic storage media and developing consumer trends should all be considered when providing a long-term digital storage solution. In order to meet this challenge many content owners decide to transfer their digital assets on a regular basis. At 'after, we work closely with you to design a high quality and cost-effective Asset Management program that only delivers the best for your business requirements.

Under our restoration division the following services are offered: Archival Restoration and Preservation - This includes fixing film for de-flicker, fungus, dirt, scratches or damaged frames from torn perforations or video drop-outs. Colorizing - Converting the old black and white films to color.

Dimension Conversion - The conversion of 2D films to 3D, adding depth to an otherwise flat 2D image. We understand the challenges that come with 3D stereoscopic post-production. From the benefits of working either parallel or converged, to syncing and multiplexing left and right eyes, through to convergence pulling, editing and grading Content owners face ongoing challenges in order to commercialize their archived assets. While carefully controlled storage conditions can help to stabilize historic media, physical assets in particular do deteriorate over time. Many clients prefer to regularly assess their archived media in order to devise a good strategy to preserve it – and consequently to enable it to be appreciated by a new audience.