Fantasy Media is a team of creative services base designers and developers company.


The visual effects industry has probably become one of the most important components in the financial successes of the biggest films over the past 20 years.

We provide visual effects and 3D computer animation solutions for films, broadcast television, medical, architectural visualizations, game movies, corporate videos. Fantasy Media is a privately owned post production studio specializing in visual effects for feature films & commercials. The Fantasy Media VFX includes Concept Design, Look Development, 3D Animation / CGI, Matte Painting and Compositing for 2D and TV projects.

We can deliver the most eye-catching series in world cinema and offer proficiency across all kinds of effects, unpaid to the combination of a team of highly skilled professionals, the latest tools and technologies.


The animation industry has seen a huge boom in the last few years, promising higher production and returns. 

This is why Fantasy Media offers world class 2D and 3D animation services as an integral part of our service offerings. We work with a team of award winning artists, futuristic infrastructure and licensed software, and hold a proven track record of bringing the most complex designs and characters to life; be it for any format in the entertainment industry.


Fantasy Media hosts a talented and experienced team of 3D modelers, designers and creative artists focusing on critical elements of creative setup, production management, technology, animation and rendering. Our artists drive fundamental advances in CGI animated film making; innovating relentlessly to create stunning and affluent imagery.

Our creative directors and animators perfectly simulate real life by using advanced techniques such as character animation, texturing, transparency, lighting effects and motions- creating a virtual hyper-reality. 3D is also the preferred choice in digital age for virtual product demos (automobiles etc.) to accurately describe the product’s working. Our line up of expert animators, SFX and texture artists work in tandem with technology to provide uncompromised results.